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The IT

by Vivienne Franzemann

THE IT canstockphoto33465795.jpg

I feel...a presence. 

A gnawing.

A squirming.
It’s small. 

Like a cherry pip. 

Or a baby shrimp. 

It is really small. 

Whatever it is. 

But it’s here. 

It is definitely here. 

Grace Freemantle has something growing inside her.  She doesn’t know what it is, but she knows it’s not a baby.  It starts in her stomach but quickly outgrows that until it takes over the entirety of her insides. She can’t contain it forever, sooner or later something’s got to give.


The Rehearsal process...we thought you’d rather hear from the excellent cast members:

 "The events and themes of the play are very  prevalent in the current times." - Fletcher 

 "I agree with Freddie and Fletcher. I think it is really important that we show all the struggles and challenges Grace, and almost everyone today, deals with.  

Having that in a play really puts it in perspective for people". - Saoirse 

"The script can be interpreted in so many different ways, ultimately creating a very personal experience for each member of the audience.

With the actors themselves being able to explore their characters, how they feel, doing what is necessary to portray their own idea of what happens throughout the play".  - Cameron.

"The idea of what happened to Grace could happen to everyone is really interesting to me."  - Freddy

"The sudden shift to a new normality with the IT and the enforced isolation Grace experiences is one I think both the audience and we, as actors, can relate to.  I feel sure that, like Grace, none of us expected to have our perception of normality so dramatically changed, and that’s why this  play is so relevant."  - Bella

 "The fact that Grace felt that she had to hide and didn’t have anyone to talk to, nobody should have to feel like that". - Sophia 

 "It’s shocking that the pressure of the events in the world can almost control you completely to the point where you don’t know the difference between your thoughts and everyone else’s"  - Rory

"I thought it was really interesting how the play dealt with loads off different issues and how it all had an effect on Grace…and the IT." - Phoebe

 "Playing a Character like Grace really made me have   to think about how she would be affected by all these present issues and events.   Actually a lot of the time I drew on my actual reactions too, for example, what happened to George Floyd and how scared I actually was that something like that could happen.  So I’m really happy that this play gave me the opportunity to think about those events in even more detail and to give them the consideration they deserve". - Evie 

 "It’s interesting to see the different perspectives focusing on one main subject. (the students towards Grace)". - Jax 

"It’s sad that Grace is ashamed that all this stuff is making her feel a certain way". - Henry 

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