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School years 3 -6

ACT1 offers drama clubs within a school environment.  This is for Children ages 7-11 years old and is usually booked through the school itself.

During our clubs, we encourage our young members to work hard to reach their full potential but we also recognise that the sessions should always be about having fun. We will look at drama games that develop their confidence, the notion of team work and mutual respect.

Join us...

ACT1  Every Monday during term time:

3:30pm to 4:30pm


Start: Monday, APRIL 15th.

Bank Holiday, MAY 6th (no club)

Half term, MAY 27th  (no club)

Closed for freelance work, JULY 1st (no club)

End:  Monday, JULY 8th

10 weeks in total. @£8 per session = £80

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Stratford-upon-Avon Primary School
Stratford-upon-Avon,  Warwickshire.

During the first term we will spend a lot of time playing drama games, developing confidence and getting to know each other. We will be using our imaginations and our bodies during role play and improvisation to create fun scenes and stories.

The second term will focus more on learning and developing new acting skills. We will look closer at improvisation, physical theatre and mime. We may introduce some script work to help us with our story telling, however this would only be a few lines and could easily be achieved in class.

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We will have fun bringing together all the things we have been learning over the year.  

Our ACT1 drama clubbers will enjoy sharing back their work to each other at the end of the session.  We hope they will be ready to audition for Stratford Youth Theatre productions.

Join us...

Contact your school office to ask about Drama Clubs and Stratford Youth Theatre CIC or email us for more info.

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